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With the Ultimate Bowling Buide, anyone can Discover the Secret for Throwing More Strikes,
Picking Up “Impossible” Spares… & Humiliating
Your Bowling Buddies
Frame After Frame!

Just the other day.. a fellow from the Midwest sent me an email. He said, “Dean, can you tell me how to improve my bowling game? Every time I go out with my buddies, I seem to come in last. Is there anything an average player like me can do?”

The good news is, there are a few simple “tweaks” any bowler can use to instantly tack on 20, 30, even 50 or more points a game. And it doesn’t take that much effort.

Get this…

There are five “dirty little secrets” among professional bowlers… secrets that no amateur ever learns on their own… and the pro’s like it that way.

These five “dirty little secrets” are extremely simple to master (once they are revealed to you)… and yet they INSTANTLY allow you (no matter how butt ugly you think your game is right now) to “lock into” your ownpersonal Perfect Shot“. Which means on your very next game, you will: