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North American English regional phonology is the study of variations in the pronunciation of spoken English. Typically practiced by the inhabitants of various parts of North America and Canada.

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North American English is divided into several regional dialects based on phonological, phonetic, lexical, and some syntactic (grammar-based) features.

North American English includes American English, which has several highly developed distinct regional varieties, with Canadian English, which is more homogeneous. American English, Canadian English are closely related with each other than with the many varieties of English outside North America.

The most recent work documenting and studying the phonology of North American English dialects as a whole is the Atlas of North American English, on which much of the description below is based,

Following on a tradition of sociolinguistics dating to the 1960s. Large-scale American dialectology focused more on lexicology than on phonology.

Want to Show the World You Have a Good Grasp of Spoken English?

Chances are very good that you’ve never had the opportunity to learn much about English pronunciation and even less about actual accent.  As a result, Accent training is rarely a part of English training curricula and many of your former teachers didn’t even speak to you in English very much- if at all! Consequently, You lake the confidence in speaking in public.